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A Special Note From Ryan's Family

Recent Photos: Ryan and Mom -- Ryan and Brittany

On Saturday night, August 6, 2005 Ryan Reitmeyer and friends were at Cafe Blue on Lake Travis. At about 9:45 pm, four of his friends asked to be taken to their car across the lake at Carlo's & Charlie's.

Telling his girlfriend he'd be right back, they left in Ben's SeaRay. A few minutes later, the SeaRay collided into a black 35' Carver cabin cruiser that had no lights on.

One of Ryan's dearest friends, Heather Strother, was thrown from the boat and her body has not been recovered.  Ryan and the others were knocked unconscious. Anna, one of the passengers, came to and was able to get the boat stopped. Her screaming caused other boats to assist and someone called 911.  They all said that they never saw the boat that they had hit.

Medical emergency crews called for STAR Flight and Ryan was air lifted to Brackenridge Regional